Heavy-Duty products for industrial usage:

  • Mechanics
  • Garages
  • Work Sites
  • Mines
  • Engine Rooms
  • etc.

Powerful ecological acid cleaner & extra powerful descaler.

  • Item #: 2104
  • Format: 1L & 20L

Deep cleaning hand scrub.

  • Item #: 2008
  • Format: 3L; 11.5L & 18.9L

CREMODERM-A hand cleaner is formulated to eliminate odors while tackling the toughest grease and conditioning hands. This premium fine pumice lotion acts quickly to power out the harshest soils without leaving hands feeling greasy or irritated.

  • Item #: 2007
  • Format: 3L; 11.5L & 18.9L

Ultra-efficient and economical powder degreaser. It dissolves grease and oil from machine shop and garage floors. It softens water, penetrates twice as fast. Quick and easy rinsing.

  • Item #: 2045
  • Format: 10KG & 20KG

Biodegradable graffiti remover for porous and unpainted surfaces. A revolutionary, biodegradable formula, based on natural solvents. Quickly eliminates spray paint graffiti, ink, and marker from all unpainted smooth and rough surfaces.

  • Item #: 2052
  • Format: 4L & 20L

Smooth surface graffiti remover. Reacts instantly on all kinds of marking or writing. No staining. Contains no acid, alkalis, or water. Does not contain any corrosive materials. Safe on brick, ceramic, glass, laminated surfaces (Formica type), wood, stone, marble, chrome, nickel, soft and hard metals. Safe on metals and most plastics.

  • Item #: 2003
  • Format: 4L & 20L

Concentrated windshield washer formula.

  • Item #: 1079
  • Format: 20L & 205L

Windshield washer fluid; -40°C. Cleans away grime, salt and snow.

  • Item #: 2031
  • Format: 4L & 205L

Powerful ecological organic acid cleaner. Biodegradable concrete cleaner. MEGACIDE G1 is a sugar-based organic cleaner that cleans and restores surfaces while keeping the original shine. The MEGACIDE G1 based on environmentally sustainable technology, it also outperformed all conventional acid acids and is highly corrosive to remove concrete from trucks. It can be applied on aluminum, insulated wiring, braking systems, controls, paint, steel, glass, rubber sealing, or most other surfaces found on your trucks without causing any damage.

  • Item #: 2156
  • Format: 4L & 20L

Green sealer for porous surfaces. MEGA-SEAL TP is an ecological product that forms a thin invisible layer on porous surfaces like brick, concrete, or stone. MEGA-SEAL TP is a highly effective product that will not yellow in the sun.

Hard surface paint & glue remover.

  • Item #: 2032
  • Format: 4L & 18.9L